The Many Hats of a Woman

Last spring my husband and I went to Rome, Italy.  We were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.  It was a beautiful time for us.


I found this picture of me and it made me think about hats.  Have you ever heard anyone say that women wear a lot of hats?  These are not Downton Abbey hats,  but they are the different roles that one woman has in life.  It’s the idea that in one day a woman wears many “hats” as she goes from wife to mom to CEO to cook to chauffeur etc.

I was thinking about how God made women to be multi-taskers and He knew this would help organize our hats! 🙂

We have nights where we are making phone calls, cooking something from Betty Crocker (which includes cleaning the kitchen), helping our kids with the new way of adding 3 digit numbers which we pretend to understand all while we help our husband find another misplaced item.  Sigh!  We should wear capes every day because we are AMAZING!

But, when we finally have a moment to rest and think about life we feel overwhelmed and torn between which hat is the most important.  Which hat should I prioritize?  Which hat is getting dusty just hanging out on the shelf?  Which hat does God want me to wear?

In a moment of sanity, I realized that we go through different seasons in life.  In each season the hat that needs to be worn the most will change.  We need to embrace the hat and work the runway.  That’s right ladies, we need to enjoy each hat instead of being jealous of the other hats our friends are wearing.  Or what about the hats that only the public sees, and we think that is the same hat that matches their life at home.  Reality is that at home they are in yoga pants and a comfy baseball cap.  

For me, I have been noticing women who are in the public eye more and more.  I’m not talking Hillary Clinton.  I’m saying Christian women who are musicians, public speakers and authors.  I had one of those “WOW!” moments when I went to look at one of their blogs.  I was trying to find things that I could apply to my own blog.  What does it look like?  What do they tag?  What are their headlines?

This is what I read on Angie Smith‘s blog under booking….

Due to the season of life I am in and the priorities I am constantly wrestling to keep intact, I have decided to drastically reduce the amount of time I’m away from my family. With that said, I’m still very prayerful and will certainly assess each event to see if it’s a good fit, but my desire is to do very, very few travel dates. While I’ve loved the past few years partnering with amazing teams like Women of Faith, I’ve realized that it is simply too difficult to balance that kind of travel schedule with everything that is required of me as a wife, mommy, and writer.

Even famous writers and speakers have a hard time juggling their hats and knowing how to prioritize family, life and ministry!  

I am not alone in this struggle and  you aren’t either!

Let’s support each other with words of encouragement.  How have you felt alone in this struggle or what has helped you organize your hats?


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