Is That Really You God


Many times it is hard to know if God is speaking to me or if I’m just going off of my feelings.  It has been a journey for me to recognize if God is speaking to me.

I grew up in a traditional church where you never heard things like, “Let’s pray to see what God tells us to do.”  Or this is another one I heard even less, “Let’s pray for Joe and share the words from the Lord with him”.  Don’t get me wrong, the people in my church prayed and believed God would give people guidance it just wasn’t done that way.

When I got to a different phase in life and actually needed to make some big decisions, I tried to ask God.  I wanted to follow His will.  I wanted to “hear” a response from Him.  I didn’t expect it to actually be an audible voice telling me what to do, but it just never seemed like a got an answer.

Years later, it occurred to me that God was speaking to me but I didn’t recognize His voice.  I hadn’t learned how to recognize when He was speaking to my soul.

I was alot like like Gideon in the book of Judges in the Bible.  God was speaking to me and I was willing to listen.  The problem was I didn’t know it was Him.

In Judges 6,  you can read the story of how Gideon went back and forth “testing” God.  The angel of the LORD sat down next to Gideon and he still wasn’t sure it was God.  Something I noticed in this story is that Gideon doesn’t just sit back and say, “I’m not sure so I just won’t do anything”.  He took action.  He did something to find out if it was really God.

Many times we hear that doubting God isn’t okay.  We need to walk by faith.  Yes, this is true.  What happens when we don’t know it’s God in the first place.  If we wrestle with this idea, we see in Gideon’s example that God was patient with him.  He continued to communicate back and forth with Gideon until…

“Gideon realized that it was the angel of the LORD, he exclaimed, Ah, Sovereign LORD! I have seen the angel of the LORD face to face!”

I believe God speaks to all of us differently.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple formula to find out how He speaks to each of us.  In my personal experience, we just need to be like Gideon-willing to follow God!

If we are unsure if it is him, test it!  Give someone a word of encouragement that you think might be possibly from God and depending on their reaction you will see if it encouraged them.  Slowly you will become more bold and more familiar with how God normally speaks to you.

I tend to get all sweaty and I can’t stop thinking about what God is placing on my heart.  If I speak up I feel at peace!

Becoming more familiar with God’s voice is worth the effort so we can recognize it’s Him on the other end of our calling!

It would be so fun to hear how God has spoken to you or where you are on this journey!  



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