Christmas Slump

As I sit here thinking about what would be good to put in this blog post, I’m feeling overwhelmed by the Christmas season.  We have been so busy as a family.  I wanted to put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving, but it is now December 8th and the tree is still in its box.  Everyday I have to look at the disappointed look on my son’s face after he asks me, “Can we put the tree up TODAY?”  And everyday I reply the the same answer, “Not today.  Mommy is too busy today.”

I have been working on our Christmas letter as well.  This is no average Christmas letter.  You see we are full-time missionaries and every three months we write an update to let people know what is happening with our family and ministry.  We are so blessed to have a wonderful network of support so we send out not 20 Christmas letters but over 100.

Christmas cookies, what are those?!?  My kids are excited to make those pre-mixed cookies where you just put them on a cookie sheet and voilà.  Even for that they had to go to my neighbors house.  I bought a pack of  Star Wars cookies to put in the oven….maybe I will get that done.


Instead of being fun, seasonal traditions, these activities are turning into Christmas stress.  When my priorities are out of order, God always knows how to get them back in order.

On Sunday, I went to Bethlehem village.  It was in a church gym and that is where God spoke to me in a clear and simple way.  Bethlehem village consisted of different stations that were set up to12322641_10153586905300589_9075121744053627074_o represent things how they were in Bethlehem when Jesus was born.  Of course, one of the stations was Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.  There was a family sitting there dressed up just like the typical Nativity scene we are all so accustomed to.  I didn’t pay much attention to it as my two boys dragged me over to the live animals.

It wasn’t there in front of the Nativity scene where God spoke to me, but in the bathroom.  I went into the women’s bathroom and there she was….Mary changing baby Jesus’ diaper.  I had a new realization of God’s humanity as He came to Earth.  Mary had to change his diaper and hear him crying, only to wonder how he would grow up to save this World.

During a season of busyness and shopping and to-do lists I was reminded that my Savior came as a small baby in a humble stable.

Here’s the update….
Since I wrote this post, I was able to get out of the slump. The Christmas cards have been mailed, the tree is up and my pre-cut R2-D2 cookies have been baked.


Neither of these items are fancy, but I enjoyed them with my boys and that is the important thing!


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