God Isn’t Afraid of My Questions

Here is a post I wrote last month. Just thought it was worth sharing again 🙂

Beloved Mujer


If God isn’t afraid of my questions, my doubts or my frustrations, why is it that I hesitate so long in going to Him for the answers, peace and patience that I need on a regular basis?!?  Maybe this is one more area where I need to be like a child in my faith.

One of the things I have a love-hate relationship with is my kids’ questions.  I love the fact that they see the world with so much curiosity and they haven’t yet learned that they should be embarrassed because they don’t know everything.  I love that they haven’t learned that the world tells us that asking questions is a sign of weakness.  I love that they are just so thirsty for knowledge and understanding that it seems they can ask hundreds of questions in one day -which leads to why I hate their questions.

As a…

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