God Is Equipping Me For The Job


This was just what I needed to read this morning.  I needed to remember that God is the one who has equipped me to do this job.

This morning it was the mom job that was causing me to doubt my capabilities. (Not that this was the first morning this has happenened) I woke up and the house was it’s usual mess and the kids hadn’t even woken up yet.  I shuffled my feet across the floor to make it to my boys’ room and I paused in the doorway.  I was taken back by their peaceful faces as they slept.  (Anyone with boys in their house knows quiet and peaceful is a rare occurrence) That’s when I realized I had no choice, it was time to wake them so we could start the chaos which accompanies the morning routine.

I thought, ” I’m a horrible mother, I don’t even want to wake my kids up so I can spend time with them this morning”.

Finally, I found my courage and went over to my 7 year old son first.  When there was no response to my voice I reverted to the normal wakeup procedure.  I grabbed his ankles and swung his feet around the bed and hoisted his body up so he could stand on his legs.  I then proceeded to guide him around the LEGOS that were scattered on the floor in between the dirty underwear and socks that are normal decor in their bedroom.  More guilt rolled in….

What kind of mother am I?  I can’t even keep up with their laundry.  Who has their kids living like this?”

My son zombie walks to the bathroom as I go to the kitchen to prepare his hearty breakfast of cold cereal.  Watch out here comes another wave of guilt and self doubt…

What kind of mother is too lazy to make a quick egg for their growing son?  Why do I send him to school with only cereal?” 

It is now only 7:20 am and I have convinced myself I am a failure as a mother.




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