Out Of Compassion Came Tears

Recently, I have been made highly aware of the fact that I am constantly comparing myself to other women to get an idea of how I am doing as a woman.  Sometimes I feel like I have it under control, but MANY times I feel like a failure.   When I take a step back from my FACEBOOK page, I am able to separate reality from the illusion of perfection that I see on the timeline.  I remind myself that most people only post their good days, their happy moments, the meals that turned out amazing, the moments where their house is clean and of course their picture perfect family.  I am able to remember that other women have bad days, tragically sad moments, burn meals, have laundry piled up on their couch and kids with dirt on their church clothes.

compassion I know that many times I compare myself to others because I am not confident in who I am in Christ and who He has made me to be. And unfortunately it doesn’t take long for my comparisons to turn into judgements.  I judge the people around me, once again, to feel better about how I am doing and about who I am as a woman.

Through this journey, God has been challenging me to see those around me with COMPASSION, not to compare myself to them but to try to understand what they are going through.  To see people for more than what comes across on their FACEBOOK status.

This morning I saw another woman through eyes of compassion and it brought me to tears.

I was dropping my 7 year old son off at school.  It was just like any other morning and we pulled up in the drop off lane.  As my son was taking off his seat belt and opening the door I spotted something different by the front door of the school.  I saw a woman holding back a large child as his mother walked away.

It was that same thing you see every Sunday morning at church where one poor child in the infant room is screaming because he believes his mother has just abandoned him.  And you see the mother walking away, trusting that the care givers will help the child calm down because she knows that is the best place for the child.  It was the same thing at the school, except it wasn’t a toddler it was a child at the elementary school.  I imagine that this child has a hard time going to school and this mother has had to leave him in this state many times.

I had two options as I sat in my car this morning: to judge or to feel compassion. Today I chose to feel compassion for her.  Tears rolled down my face as I pulled out of the drop off lane.  Tears of compassion for a mother who must be brave, trusting that the care givers will help her son calm down because school is what he needs and what she knows to be the best option for her child.

As women we need to choose to see each other through compassionate eyes instead of judgemental ones.  Our hearts will be lighter when they are filled with compassion instead of comparison.


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