Where You Are, There I AM

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine….her name is Kallie and she is a Beloved Mujer….check out her blog! I’m sure her writing will touch your heart!

From The Inside Out


This morning I found myself a bit overwhelmed with an idea that has formed in my mind. The idea is this:I feel alone.

Now this form alone is not the form that people typically think of immediately. OH, she feels ALONE. Like, depressed, isolated, misunderstood. No.

I feel alone in my ‘sphere of life’.

My whole life I have felt as if it’s impossible for me to make deep friendships with people my own age. I have succeeded in a small handful of friendships with my specific generation, but I am mostly drawn to those at least 3 years older than me, or in some circumstances, people younger.

This is a huge blessing to me, but also poses a few frustrations and hurts. For example, when I start dating but all of my friends are already married. They are excited for me, but none of them are at the same…

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