Finding the Great Love

As I sit here thinking about what it is I should write about for a blog post, I am thinking about all the differences we have as women.  For example, I am married, in my thirties, have two kids, brown hair, hazel eyes etc. But no matter where we find ourselves in life there is a greater common denominator at work, we are women.  As women, we have more similarities than differences.  We all have fear and insecurities that cause us to freeze when we face certain things, but most importantly we have a deep desire to be loved.

It doesn’t matter how old we are or where we live….we want to be loved.  We want to know that somewhere there is someone who will love us unconditionally.  This desire affects us all more than we realize.  And the reality is that no human on Earth can love us in a way that will fill this need we have.  So this is a journey we must go on as women, to find this Great Love.

For many of us we know in our heads what the answer is and others feel without hope, feeling like they will never find someone who loves them fully.  I want to say it, there is only one place to find this Great Love.  It is found in the One who created each one of us ON PURPOSE.  He is the one who loves us fully and completely.

I am so thankful for God my Creator!  Some days I look in the mirror, step on the scale or glance at the mess that is my house and it boggles my mind that someone would create me on purpose.  And this is the deeper journey I have been on and continue to take.  I hope you will take it with me.  It is a journey that begins by truly believing that God loved us all so much that He sent His one and only son to die on a cross and whoever chooses to believe in it will be with Him FOREVER! (John 3:16) Wow!  Then we continue to process this truth in our brain so that it can travel to our hearts.  This is the great journey.  I’m grateful that I learned this truth at a young age, but it continues to be a journey that I take steps on each day.   There are days I take bigger steps than others, and other days I feel like I am being dragged down the path because it is tough and challenging.

This is a journey we must take to find the Great Love of our Creator.  Let’s take the journey together as women…..Beloved Mujeres!

Where in your life has it been challenging to fully believe how much your creator loves you?



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